Prices and timeline

Prices and timeline


Participation fee/team, UTN-member : 450 SEK

Participation fee/team, non-member of UTN : 650 SEK

Lunch ticket, UTN-member : 30 SEK/portion

Lunch ticket, non-member of UTN: 40 SEK/portion


First registration

27.08.2022 (09:00) - 04.09.2022 (12:00)

Now you can register for the Puzzle hunt race here!

First payment close

07.09.2022 (23:59)

You have to pay for your whole team before this date if you got a spot at the rally at the first raffle.

Rally pub (Second registration)

08.09.2022 (17:00)

Location: Uthgård

A second raffle will be held at the rally pub where you have to go to in person to get a spot, food and beverage and nice company will be avilable!

Second payment close

13.09.2022 (23:59)

If you were one of the lucky ones in the second raffle you have to pay for your whole team before this date.

Rally day

24.09.2022 (07:00-17:00)

Location: SLU

For more information, go to For competitors.

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