Times & Prices

Time, money and dates can be confusing. That's why the Rally committee has gathered everything (or at least most) that you will need to know for a truly excellent journey!

Times and Dates

Registration from August 31:st to September 9:th 

The Rally Pub September 12:th

Opens 5.00 pm

Register teammates

Deadline 15th September 23.59 

Payment between 16th September kl. 00:00 och 19th September kl 23:59 

Connect a teammate to The Bot Anna

Deadline 27th September so NätSäk has time to fix eventual problems

The Day of the rally September 28:th 

Begins: 7.00 am

The finish: 4.30 pm, 4.45 pm or 5.00 pm depending on when you start

The gasque: 18dk

Släpp 10.30 pm - 02.00 am



Costs are written in (UTN member/Not UTN member). Become a member here.

  • Spot in the rally: 450/650 kr/per team. The cost depends on if the team captain is a member or not.
  • Lunchticket: 30/40 kr/person
  • Gasque with alcohol: 370/390 kr/person
  • Gasque without alcohol: 350/370 kr/person
  • Släppticket:
    • Pre-purchase: 80/90 kr/person.
    • At the släpp: 100 kr/person

Photo: Hanna Marklund

Updated: 15 September, 2019