Picture showing when the registration and rally pub take place

The registration for the Puzzle Hunt Rally 2019 opens the 31st of August 00:00 and closes the 9th of September 23:59. Here you will find everything about how the registration for this years most spectacular event works.

How to get a spot in the rally

To enter the rally you must get a spot in the rally. You have two opportunites to get a spot.

  1. Register for the raffle. When the registration has closed we will randomly select who gets a spot.
  2. If you do not get a spot in step 1 you can take part in the raffle on the fenomanal Rally Pub

How to register for the raffle

You register by making an account on our registration website. When the account has been created, you are in the raffle.

If you receive a slot in the rally

If you reveive a slot in the rally and want to keep it you must accept the spot! You will then be chosen as the captain for your team. This means that you will fill in all the information about your team and your team members. You will also be the person we will have primary contact with.

Note that the information about your team and your team members must be filled in before 15th September kl 23.59.


After all teams have filled in their information we will open the payment. The payment is made by the captain of the team. The captian will pay for the whole team. The payment is done online via card. If you are unable to pay via card, you can pay via UTN:s plusgiro. More information can be found on the registration website.

If you did not receive a slot in the rally

If you did not receive a spot, don worry! You can still come to the after party(släpp) and/or help us by applying for volunteer.


For questions regarding the registration, contact Daniel Fehrm at For questions regarding food or the pub, contact Love Magnusson at

Updated: 22 August, 2019