Registration for the Puzzle hunt rally 2018 will open on 1st September and closes 10th September. Here's everything you need to know about how to register for this year's fanciest event.

To get the opportunity to participate in the Rebus rally so it is necessary to get a starting position, these will be drawn in two installments. The first one will take place in the digital world over at The places that are not taken online will be raffled at the phenomenal rally pub!

First, you will get express your interest, put your name in the hat so to speak. We will then blindfolded pull out the name of the lucky team leaders from the hat. These team leaders will then have to accepted this eminent offer and then fill in his team's information. The team leader who does not accept will lose his seat in favor of other intrested at the pub.

The team leader who gets a place will have to fill in the team name along with a description and it's team members information. The information required for each member of the team include the name, email address, allergies and number of lunch tickets and if the person wants to go on gasquen or not.

Note that the information shall be filled out by 16th September at 23:59.

When this is done, we will open up the payment. There will be a single payment from team leader covering the whole team. This will be done via the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science payment system, where it is possible to pay by card. If you are unable to pay by card, you can also pay via postal transfer, this will take longer to process.


The participation fee is 400 SEK per team and is only paid by the teams that get a starting position if the team leader is a member of UTN. For non-members the price is 600 SEK.

Lunch tickets cost 30 SEK each and for that you get one portion of food. For non-members the price is 40 SEK per ticket.There are not any other places to buy food in the vicinity of the lunch station, Rallykå therefore recommend investing in a lunch ticket or two. Each team will need to stay at the lunch station some time so there is no reason to skip lunch, food and rest is important.

The Gasque costs 350 SEK or 330 SEK for the alcohol-free option and will be held at V-Dala nation. For non-members the price is 380 SEK or 360 for the alcohol-free option. Unfortunately, this can be the case that not everyone can fit on gasquen since there is a limited number of seats. After all the team information is complete, we know if a drawing is required. This will of course be done in teams so if you get a spot, it's together with your team.

But do not despair if Lady Luck is with you, in that case, you are warmly welcome to the Släpp, after the gasque!


For information regarding registration, please contact Olle Frisberg at Questions regarding food or the gasque is targeted at Mira Eriksson at

Updated: 26 August, 2018