Get in shape for The Puzzle Hunt Rally

Hot damn! SpleK and SpleX talking, and we have prepared the advices that will turn you into a puzzle solvning MACHINE! If you follow these, we can garantee you a well-deserved first place in the rally. At least maybe.

1. Brainteaser

It is of an utter importance to keep that lump of fat you call a brain in tiptop condition. 
In addition to starting each day by solving a second order differential equation, we advise you on solving crosswords, watch a lot of QI and solve every puzzle you might come across in your daily life. Here are some magnificent world-puzzles you can practice on: 

y-direction + p + BuyExtraCheap - a + e


2. Become a measuring master, magician of measure, Max Meschure.

Each team will be given an instrument with the purpose of measuring, before the sound horn signaling that the start is imminent will sound. The skill of quickly measuring from one point to another in a precise 
way is a talent of great prominence. The few milliseconds of saved time that separates the master from the apprentice can be crucial for YOUR team´s placement. Keep that in mind! 

3. Outfit

Each team is recommended to come up with a team outfit, hopefully even before the rally begins. The outfit should be your own interpretation
and manifestation of this year´s theme. So dig out your wardrobe, call your grandparents or do as the majority of the participants do: Pray to all divine powers and bring a scrap of paper with Greta Garbo as motive and go to the closest second hand store.

4. Carriage

An essential ingredient for the Puzzle Hunt Rally Day is the carriage. Make sure it’s able to roll forward painlessly and smoothly in RebuS tricky track. The fact that the vehicle has a functioning turntable is a must if you want to know how to enjoy Steel's wonderful voice and the entertainment that is offered through it. Fill tanks with the desired fuel, pump air into the tires. Do not forget safety devices and the warning shape!

5. Da Regulations.

No skimming (foam reading here)! Read through the regulations carefully,
 in which there is, among other things, everything you need to know to avoid the worst of fate: Washing (disqualification). 
Another perk of having good knowledge of the regulations is that you easily can avoid accidents and 
other nasty things. 

Ready? Let´s gå, wroom wroom! 

Photo: Hanna Marklund

Updated: 23 August, 2019