Uppsala union of Engineering and Science students' Puzzle Hunt Rally 2016

Link to download of signable regulations.

Chapter 1. Introductory provisions

§1  It is each participant's responsibility to know and follow the rules of participating in the Puzzle Hunt Rally. Regulations apply throughout the Puzzle Hunt Rally and on every location that is considered a part of the Puzzle Hunt Rally.

§2  Violating these regulations may result in expulsion or suspension. When violations are commited, does not lack of knowledge about the regulations count as an excuse to avoid possible expulsion or suspension. Rejection is effective until Rallykå believe that the participant can return to the event or the following Gasque. Expulsion is in effect for the remainder of the event including the following Gasque.

§3  In case of illness, dissatisfaction or suspension or if unforeseen externalities that prevent or affect the completion of the event (see Force Majeure below) neither the entry fee nor the lunch tickets, ticket to the following gasque or any other expenses made related to event will be returned.

§4  Crime against Swedish law will be reported to the police

§5  Each participant is responsible for following the instructions and exhortations given by Rallykå or by Rallykå appointed volunteers throughout the event. Rallykå has decision-making authority in all matters and disputes related to the event.

Force majeure

Rallykå is not liable for the fulfillment of all or parts of the event in case of unforeseen circumstances beyond Rallykås control that prevents or affects the whole or parts of the event, such as an accident, fire, lightning, explosion, war, strengthened defense readiness, riots, natural disasters, invasions from outer space, zombie outbreaks, adverse weather conditions and the like.


§ 6. The event referres to Uppsala Union Engineering and Science students Puzzle Hunt Rally.

§ 7. Rallykå referred Uppsala Union Engineering and Science students Puzzle Hunt Committee.

§ 8. UTN referres to Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students.

§ 9. Participant or Team is a person or group of persons who participates as part of a registered team in the Puzzle Hunt Rally.

Chapter 2. Security

§1  Throughout the event, all participants treat each other, volunteers and Rallykå with respect and shown consideration.

§2  Reckless behavior that leads to that their own or others' safety is endangered leads to immediate suspension.

§3  It is the team's responsibility to take care of their teammates and ensure that teammates that can't take care of themselves are safely taken care of.

Chapter 3. Driving of vehicles

§1  Vehicles may not be driven by a person that, because of illness, fatigue, effects of alcohol, other stimulants or stupefying substances or for other reasons can not drive the vehicle in a safe manner.

§2  Participants in the car must behave in such a way that the driver can drive the vehicle in a safe and in a lawful manner. The driver can choose to dismiss a participant from the car if the driver feels that the participants behavior leads to that the driver can't drive in such a manner.

Chapter 4. Locations and Equipment

§1  Participants are responsible for property that they bring to and use during the event. UTN or Rallykå is not liable for lost or damaged property.

§2  UTN or Rallykå are not liable for any damage to vehicle or person that occurs during, or in connection to the event.

§3  It is the responsibility of all participants that all the locations visited during the event is left in the same or better condition than they were.

§4  Participants are expected to do their best to prevent damage to property at the locations visited during the event. If property damage arise out of carelessness, participants will be liable for compensating the damage.

§5  For everyone's comfort, all trash should be thrown in their respective containers. This applies to all locations that are included the event. 

Updated: 8 September, 2016