The Puzzle Hunt Rally

The Puzzle Hunt Rally is an arrangement by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, and is organized by the Puzzle Hunt Committee, Rallykå. The Puzzle Hunt Rally will take place the 29:th of September and opening of the registration for participation the 1:th of September!

What is the Puzzle Hunt Rally?

It is a competition with many different element with the main task for the team is to solve rebuses and from this rebus drive to a new destination somewhere around Uppsala. Each team needs a car and theme costumes according a theme, which will be revealed at the RallyPub the 13th of September. Along the way the team can solve more tasks to get extra points that will be translated into time deduction, for example the activation stations. Additionally each team will get a Puzzle Book and an entertainment playlist with more tasks that you can do during the trip.

Photo: Fredrik Bjernulf

Updated: 16 August, 2018