Practical information

Time, money and dates can be confusing. That's why the rally committee has gathered everything (or at least most) that you will need to know for a truly excellent journey!

Times and Dates

Registration  from the 1:st to 10:th September

The Rally Pub 13:th September

Opens 5.00 pm

The Day of the rally 29:th September

Begins: 7.00 am

The finish: 4.30 pm, 4.45 pm or 5.00 pm depending on when you start

The gasque: 18dk

Släpp 22.00 - 02.00


Registration and Prices

The registration will be in two parts. First you can register here at the site between the 1st and 10th September. If you’re out of luck and fail to get a place you’re warmly welcome to the rally pub where additional places will be lotted out.

A starting place in the rally will cost 400 SEK per team if the team leader is a member of UTN. If not, the starting place will instead cost 600 SEK. If you aren’t a member of UTN but study TekNat you have the possibility to become a member here.

When you have received a place and gathered a team you can send in your second registration where you can order lunch tickets, write your theme and try to get tickets to the gasque.

For one lunch ticket the price is 30/40 SEK for members/non-members and the gasque will cost 350/330 SEK with/without alcohol or 380/360 SEK for non-members.

Updated: 30 August, 2018