The Rally gasque

After a long day out on the roads, MumS offers the Rally participants an excellent feast. At 18, the V-Dala nation opens its doors to an evening full of singing, dancing and excellent food.

During the evening, prizes will be awarded to the best teams and after that it is just to enjoy the phenomenal entertainment and drink each other. Forget today's contests and worries and meet new, or old, friends.

After a long and adventurous day and the rally kiosk does not want anyone to fall asleep in the dessert, the gasqu will be a little shorter than other national sessions. The price includes a two course meal, beverage, beer/cider, a glass of wine and coffee/tea. The bar will also be open throughout the Gasque if anyone wants more drinks!  

When the Gasque is over, the tables will be removed and the after party will start! Everyone is welcome so lace up your most danceable shoes and dance untill two! (Everyone who goes to the Gasque automatically has a ticket for the after pary)


Where: V-Dala nation

When: 18dk

Price: 370 kr with alcohol/350 kr without alcohol
(390 kr with alcohol/ 370 kr without alcohol for non UTN-members)

Foto: Ellen Fredrika Näslund

Updated: 23 August, 2019