The Bot Anna

The Bot Anna is a facebook messenger bot and will be the primary tool that you will use during the rally. For example, the bot will be used for checking in at stations, using help riddles and handing in answers to different missions.

Note! All commands in the bot are case-insensitive(small or big letters does not matter).

Find the bot

You find the bot by clicking on "Send message" on our facebook page or by searching for "Rebusrallyt" in the messenger app. Try writing "hej" to it!

Before the rally

Every team captain will receive a password on under "Team info". This password is used to connect a team member to the bot, does not have to be the captain.

To connect to the bot, write the follwing command to the bot(without <>)

koppla lag <password>

Example: koppla lag k5ga. If it does not work, check the startpage for any news that solve the problem, otherwise contact NätSäk.

To switch a connected team member, the connected team member must first disconnect.

To disconnect from the bot, write:

frånkoppla lag

If a phone should break down during the rally, disconnection is not possible. Call NätSäk (phonenumber can be found in the booklet(häftet). It is important that one person is always connected since important information will primarly be sent via the bot.

Under rallyt

Instruktionerna för alla kommandon du behöver under rallydagen finns i häftet!


Photo: Felix Waern

Updated: 23 August, 2019