The Rallycommittee, or Rallykå as it´s usually called is responsible for The Puzzle Hunt Rally by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). Down below you can find the contact information of the committee along with other relevant contacts within UTN.


Jennifer Suuronen, project leader, The Puzzle Hunt

Klara Kiselman, financialy responsible, The Puzzle Hunt

Sanne Rönning, President, Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students / 018-57 25 21

Webpage, registration and security

Olle Frisberg, IT and security, The Puzzle Hunt

Contact for partners and sponsors

Ida Bergman, Public and Corporate relations, The Puzzle Hunt

Food- and Gasquerelated questions

Mira Eriksson, Food- and gasque, The Puzzle Hunt

Updated: 19 April, 2018