About The Rally

The Puzzle Hunt Rally is an arrangement by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students through the Puzzle Hunt Committee, also called Rallykå. The Puzzle Hunt Rally takes place on September 28th and the registration opens on August 31st for those who want to participate!

So, what is the Puzzle Hunt Rally?

The Puzzle Hunt Rally is a competition with many different tasks, but the main task is for the team to solve riddles and with help of that transport themselves to the next destination in Uppsala with surroundings. Each team needs to find a car to be able to participate, and a costume according to the theme. This year's theme will be released at the Rally Pub September 12th at Uthgård. During the day there will also be extra tasks for the team to do that will convert to time deduction, for instance at the activity stations along the way. Also, HÄFTig's booklet with useful information and fun tasks will be given to each team as well as a playlist with good music mixed with StåL's entertainment to make sure there are no boring moments along the way! 

Foto: Hanna Marklund 

Updated: 23 August, 2019