For competitors

Vital information for the participants

"This information saved my life more than once" - previous participant

If you got a spot at the rally we recommend you to read the enlighening informaion below to be able to have a painless and smooth rally. You need to understand how to solve the puzzles to be able to find the different stations and you need to get familiar with the bot Anna who is going to assist you during the day. And you do NOT want to miss out on all the games and challenges you will be able to do during this faboulous race.

Before the rally...

...print and sign the regulation's paper:

Click here for document

...prepare and pack:

  • Nykter förare
  • Nyckel till bil
  • Bil
  • Mobiltelefoner
  • Soppåsar
  • Valfritt vatten
  • Snäx
  • (tom) Matlåda
  • Matskyffel
  • aux-sladd
  • Powerbänk
  • Varningstriangel
  • Varma kläder
  • Dynamit
  • Tejp/häftmassa
  • Handduk
  • Discokula
  • Fjäderboa
  • Fallskärm
  • Pengar för att vinna

...find your team number and route!


During the rally

"Like the Lion King, but better" - Anon

~ Schedule for your happiest day

Start & pepp

Location: Ultuna

Depending on which team you are in, you will start the race accordingly:

  • Team 1-36: 07:00
  • Team 37-72: 07:15
  • Team 73-109: 07:30

Go rally

Location: bilen

At the start you will receive your first puzzle from Rallykå. Solve the puzzle according to ReBuS's rules and then use a ruler and a map to find the next station. Do not lose your piece of papers with the rebuses on because this will be punished with a time surcharge. Along the way, you can solve puzzles and questions as well as work on challenges that you can find in the spotify list and in the booklet and of course play at the play stations.


Location: Lunch station

Just when the hunger strikes, you will arrive at the lunch station where MumS has prepared delicious food for those who bought lunch tickets. Here you can stay and rest for 45 minutes. You can go earlier than 45 minutes, but your time does not start until you have checked out of the lunch station so you do not have to stress.

Go rally

Location: car

Go on and be as successful as before lunch.

Eat dinner

Location: advantageous at a table

Go home and have dinner with old and new friends that you met at the rally!

ReBuS fair rules in Swedish below

  • Varje term/bild, längre än en bokstav, är en ledtråd till ett ord, en förkortning eller en bokstav som sedan ska läggas ihop med +, −, ( ), { } eller [ ]. Bokstäver från ord som ska subtraheras behöver inte tas bort i ordning.

Exempel: ilsken + jul och påsk dryck − omger tavla + A + volt

Lösning: arg + must − ram + a + v = Gustav

  • ( ) Parenteser löses först.
  • { } Måsvingar föregås alltid av parenteser och innebär en operation som ska göras på resultatet av parentesen. Kanske en översättning till ett annat språk eller att vända på resultatet baklänges.

Exempel: ( (tak){eng} − r ){baklänges} + hundratusen pascal

Lösning: (roof − r){baklänges} + bar = foobar

  • [ ] Hakklammerar innebär att man ska stava ut hur ordet i fråga låter. Viktigt att skilja på små och STORA bokstäver. Stora K blir “kå”, medan lilla k bara blir “k”.

Exempel: [ 10{ROM} + MEGA + piko + 50{ROM} ]

Lösning: [X + M + p + L] = [XMpL] = exempel

  • Bilder innebär att man ska tolka vad som syns på bilden.




  • Oväntade klurigheter kan förstås förekomma i rebusarna. Då gäller det att tänka utanför boxen och ha huvudet på skaft!

SpleK's questions

SpleK has conjured a swinging spotify list perfect for a road trip around Uppsala's fertile municipality, SpleK has also put together some questions that you will find via a QR code that is in an envelope that leaves at Start. Write down the answers and send them to Anna to get a time deduction!

HÄFTig's klurings & places

HÄFTig has prepared a booklet for you that will be your most valuable possession during the day. This is because there will be significant information that will help you on your unforgettable journey. There will be klurings in this booklet that can entertain even the most restless participant in the car, a perfect pastime to tinker with together between stations. If you are lucky, you will also be able to find HÄFTig's memories along the way and of course you must not forget to do the assignments. Both answers to puzzles and pictures / videos of memories and assignments, can give a time deduction for by sending in to Anna!

Boten Anna

Anna is a bot that you will be able to communicate with during the rally on Rebusrallyt's Facebook page. Anna will be used to submit answers to STåL's questions and clues and to send in photos and videos of HÄFTig's assignments and memories and not least to take help puzzles. More detailed information on how to write with the fine Anna you will get in the booklet on rally day.

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