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We are Rallykå!

"You can not belive what this committée is able to do" - Rallykå20


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close Rallychef

Rebecca Wiklund

[email protected]

Studying: K

Responsibility: Project manager.

Astrological sign: Scorpio - Excessive jealous, fixation ownership against partner (KaratLäsare).


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close Karatläsare

Casper Fredriksson de Rond

[email protected]

Studying: MasStatMat

Responsibility: Economy and the meetings when the RallyChef is stuck in traffic jam.

Astrological sign: Libra - Seeking a harmonious and balanced budget, often indecisive and changeable if the budget will hold.


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close ReBuS

Gustav Lindqvist

[email protected]

Studying: IT

Responsibility: The rebuses and the rallycourse.

Astrology sign: Cancer - Imaginative and sexy, but can become a hangman


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close HÄFTig

Olivia Åberg

[email protected]

Studying: W

Responsibility: graphics, for example the puzzle hunt booklet

Astrology sign: Libra - Gullible, impressionable and quite lazy.


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close MumS

Norea Marceau

[email protected]

Studying: H

Responsibility: The pub and food.

Astrological sign: Leo - Great appetite for life.


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close STåL

Emma Rosengren

[email protected]

Studying: MaFy

Responsibility: Start and finish, car entertainment and volunteers.

Astrological sign: Virgo - Always well dressed and a whiner sometimes


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close PRonS

Karl Carlsson

[email protected]

Studying: X

Responsibility: PR and sponsor contact.

Astrological sign: Pisces - Secretive, confused and lives in a dream world.


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close SpleK

Shahzoda Sultanova

[email protected]

Studying: K

Responsibility: Photos (committee-photos) and activity-stations.

Astrological sign: Aquarius - Sucker for adventures, quite rebellious and a bit quirky.


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close NätSäk

Julia Helstad

[email protected]

Studying: IT

Responsibility: The websites, bot and security.

Astrological sign: Capricorn - Excessive pernickety, miserly and loving deep inside.


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close SpleX

Sebastian Zgyzniak

[email protected]

Studying: STS

Responsibility: Films and performances.

Astrological sign: Aries - Impatience, mood swings, short fuse, impulsivity and aggressiveness.

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