The puzzle hunt race is an exquisite event held by UTN. It is a packed day with entertaining activites driving around a track outside of Uppsala with cars where students have to solve puzzles to get to the next stop. Before the rally there will be a raffle both online and at the rallypub to randomize the tickets to the lucky winners that get to choose their team.

The registration will open after this summer and the race will be held the 25th of September!

You don't want to miss out, register for the rally this September!

You won't believe the useful information below!


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First registration: 26.08.2020 (12:00) - 05.09.2020 (12:00)

First payment close: 08.09.2020

Second registration: 10.09.2020 at the Rally pub (17:00)

Second payment close: 16.09.2020

You register by creating an account at

The first registration is online and will open Saturday the 26th of August and close one week after on the 5th of September.

If you and your friends do not get a spot on the first registration, fear not! You will have a second chance to get a spot at the Rally pub.

The rally pub

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close The rally pub

10.09.2020 (17:00)

The Rally pub is a second chance for you who wants a spot at the puzzle hunt race. Come and order a burger and a drink with you friends and enjoy the entertainment by Rallykå and see the premiere of our movie that will reveal the theme of the rally.

The rally day

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close The rally day

26.09.2020 (07:00-17:00)

The Rally day will be on the 26th of September and will be an eventful day for the participants. There will be 10 stations around Uppsala whearas each station will have a puzzle to help the participants to find the next station. The first teams will have to be at the start at 07:00 to prepare for the the race and it will continue until the latest 17:00. On the road will different challenges be available at the spotify playlist in addition to the booklet that you will get at the start.

After-party - Cancelled

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close After-party - Cancelled

This years After-party is unfortunately cancelled.

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